„Work-life-balance“ – what is that? For me its having the possibility to spend time with my family, my beautiful wife and two great boys. And to combine it with some other things I like. I am happy that my boys (and to a degree my wife) caught the vintage car virus – especially the one for the iconic Volvo P1800. As known from the TV series „The Saint“ with Roger More (at least for those still liking to watch B/W stuff).


Find more details on this gorgeous car which has been driven by many gorgeous people. A favorite remains Raquel Welch – yes it is a P1800 to the right. And its also the obvious choice of car for first contact with Aliens. At least it was in the 60s apparently. Its fortunate that the car has not been too much impacted by the latest vintage car „gold rush“ – which is probably due to its Swedish sturdiness. A Swedish directory shows, that probably some 50% of the production is still „alive“. The car also holds the world record in sturdiness – its Irv Gordons car with which he has driven since 1966 and for more than 3 Million miles – thats 4,8 Million Kilometers! The original car from „The Saint“ has been saved and is now owned by Jay Leno.

For those owning a Volvo P1800 or considering it (recommended!) – this site holds great information about all the technical aspects and much more.

The Swedish P1800 Club maintains a great knowledge base and gallery as well.