For more than 25 years, I have been working with Media, Communication and Internet and have heard many buzz-words come and go. Based on my work as a Journalist, focussed on Politics and Economics – which started already early with a school paper I created in 4th grade – I ventured into the Dot-Com-Aera with Newsful.Net. That used to be a platform for syndication of journalistic quality content, aiming at tier two radio stations and regional newspapers, which could buy content on demand rather than based on a subscription model. It was taking the big established news agencies head on. But we all know what happened in 2001 so I had the choice to go back to Journalism, but instead joined ADTECH – an ad serving platform with more regional relevance at the time, and in a small team I did my share to turn it into a global player, eventually acquired by AOL. The almost seven years there gave me a deep understanding of the global digital advertising industry – which is, as I also know, only a part of digital monetization. As a consequence, when I joined Hi-Media Group as the CEO for D/A/CH I also joined a great payments company, focused on the monetization of digital goods – which gave me insights into the payments industry. And allowed me to create the highly disruptive business model of Yapital, an omni-channel electronic payments scheme, which was designed to turn an industry upside down.

Along the way I have always found new friends and great partners. To you out there: Thank you all! Its been a great ride so far!

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