Over the years, I have worked in Journalism, PR / Communication, Ad-tech and Fin-tech, covering a wide span of roles and responsibilities including start-up founder, Freelance Reporter, CEO and founder and strategic VP in global organizations, spanning companies from one employee to tens of thousands, small start-up to global mega-corporation.

That way I have learned what it takes to build a great (digital) product and to scale it. With all aspects of this, ranging from design thinking and product development to business development and sales, marketing, communication and global roll-out, even in regulated environments that require i.e. a financial institution license. I know how to do it and to get there quickly. And with me my close team and my network of like-minded, solution-oriented advisors and consultants can help you to get there, too.

Along the way I have always found new friends and great partners. To you out there: Thank you all! Its been a great ride so far!

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