Bahn will „Google der Schiene“ werden?!?

Vielleicht wären an Schritt Eins andere Dinge vordringlich:
-Investitionen in Infrastruktur und Material
-Reaktivierung stillgelegter Strecken
-Pünktlichkeit und Frequenz
-Kompetenz-Wirrwar der unzähligen DB-Gesellschaften entflechten.

Wenn diese Dinge nicht zuverlässig stehen, wird das mit dem Rest doch auch nichts. Ansonsten sollten sie den AI-Bot lieber Schildi nennen – den schusseligen Ritter Rost aus Schilda.

Aber: die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

Facebook isn’t free speech, it’s algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage

I find this TechCrunch-Piece worth reading.

Facebook Smart-Glasses? Mhhh…

Smartglasses: can a company that has little experience with sexy product design and consumer electronics, and that notoriously collects any user data that passes through it (there is a reason its CEO covers the camera of his laptop with a tape) disrupt the world with a new class of smart devices? They’ve got the cash but I guess they are lacking the Karma.

New Logo for my precious EICHE Bier!

After some thinking, we have decided to give EICHE a fresh but traditional look – for now. Oak trees (EICHE) produce fresh green every spring despite the fact that they can be centuries old. So we give EICHE the same degree of freshness!

Currently, Eiche is only made for a hand-selected Audience, unfortunately. But our „Förde IPA“ and our „Nordische Gischt“ beers make people smile and crave for more.

Should Your Company Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Payments?


This is a valid question – and the buzz around it is huge. I found this article at to be an extremely good read.