Soros is pushing Ukraine towards a better future

Ukraine has been in the news for so long with mostly negative topics related to the Russian invasion in the eastern parts of the country and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian army before. These reports overshadowed the fact that the people of Ukraine decided to rid a corrupt and cleptocratic Regime, that was leading the country back to tyranny. The people of Ukraine chose freedom and and a free economy, and with it an open society following the western model. Its really been that – the choice between cleptocrates stealing the assets of the country or a free society. It had only little to do with any east / west conflict in my view, at least internally in Ukraine. The Ukrainians simply did not care for what Russia thought about their strive for freedom. Obviously, looking at the bigger picture, the Russian regime feared something like this could happen at home and they feared NATO coming closer and, probably most importantly, they feared losing influence. And everyone knows what happened next.

During these rough times, the young and educated in Ukraine did not stand still to move the country forward. I reported earlier about the efforts of the Brain Basket Foundation to educate more IT engineers and Software Developers, with the goal of strengthening this big and important industry. 

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Airy strikes prestigious German Innovation-Award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeyer proudly holding their award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier proudly holding their award

Airy Green-Tech has received the prestigious „Invention Gründerpreis“ in Berlin yesterday for its groundbreaking innovative air-cleaning solution utilizing the power of nature: the Airy planting system. The award is initiated by the „Verband der jungen Unternehmer“ (Young Entrepreneurs) and the national Newspaper „Die Welt“.

What is Airy? Simply put, its a flower pot that ventilates the roots of your plants – and enables them to do magic. According to a NASA study about purifying air in outer space, the best way to remove pollutants and hazardous substances from your environmental air is by using the power of nature. And: other than one might expect, its not the leafs but the roots doing the job. Airy helps the plants to unleash their power by ventilating their roots.

Congratulations to Peer-Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier for their success!