Bitcoin-Exchange fully licensed in Luxemburg

bitstampThis is something I knew was coming and now that it is there I am happy about it. I like the concept of alternative currencies but never felt quite comfortable with them being entirely outside the regulation – or beyond anyones control rather. This has filled the gap now. And I believe there is much more to come. reports about Bitstamp to have obtained the license in Luxembourg which allows it to operate in 28 European countries.

Bitstamp Becomes First Nationally Licensed Bitcoin Exchange

More ePayments – but still more Cash? Well thats interesting. :) has a piece which basically says that while cash-less payments are growing so is the volume of cash in the European markets. That is nothing new but I like the fact that it is spelled out loud, as we otherwise here only the tooting of the near end of cash and that Governments want to ban cash altogether. Apparently (and who would have thought), merchants and of course the consumers have a word to say in this – which leads to another interesting observation Finextra made: Cash costs too much. So why not make handling cash more efficient – and cheaper? Perhaps thats not a necessity as the handling cost for cash are usually hidden in other budgets than the one for payments, which makes the cost of cash with cards for instance somewhat impossible today. But read for yourself.

„European cash processing needs root-and-branch reform“ has an interesting view on Platforms

Just the other day I had a discussion with a friend about the „Uberization“ of the world – there is an Uber-this and Uber-that but this seems to be over-inflated and the industry seems to be hyper-ventilating when someone says we are the new Uber of what the heck.

Now it was super refreshing to read this piece on – take a look:

Payment´s next big thing: The „Uber of Nothing“.