Airy strikes prestigious German Innovation-Award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeyer proudly holding their award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier proudly holding their award

Airy Green-Tech has received the prestigious „Invention Gründerpreis“ in Berlin yesterday for its groundbreaking innovative air-cleaning solution utilizing the power of nature: the Airy planting system. The award is initiated by the „Verband der jungen Unternehmer“ (Young Entrepreneurs) and the national Newspaper „Die Welt“.

What is Airy? Simply put, its a flower pot that ventilates the roots of your plants – and enables them to do magic. According to a NASA study about purifying air in outer space, the best way to remove pollutants and hazardous substances from your environmental air is by using the power of nature. And: other than one might expect, its not the leafs but the roots doing the job. Airy helps the plants to unleash their power by ventilating their roots.

Congratulations to Peer-Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier for their success!

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