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Fliegen: irgendwie wie Bus fahren, nur schlechter?

Seit geraumer Zeit wundere ich mich (vorsichtig formuliert) über die Politik der großen Airlines – nämlich, ihr Produkt immer beliebiger zu machen, Kern-Markenwerte zu opfern und nur noch auf vermeintliche „Billigangebote“ zu setzen. Es wird zwar von „Premium“ geredet, gern von Herrn Spohr von der Lufthansa, aber als Fluggast ist davon wenig bis nichts zu […]

Will Blockchain change everything? Or not?

I have so far not made a secret out of the fact that I find Blockchain interesting – but not too convincing and that I do not believe an open-source sort of approach to ledgers is the right way nor that single ledger tech will solve any real world issues. I also know that I […]

Payment innovation requires merchant providers to be a Jack of all trades

Michael Doron, Managing Director of North America at Payworks, wrote a great piece on why merchant providers need to gear up for the increasingly clustered payments industry. Great read at Paymentsource.com, which you find here.

Cash HAS a future, as it seems. Interesting research by Pymts.com

Traveling the world I have seen that what many predict – the cash-less society – feels like it is very, very far away. A prime example for me is Sweden and the discussion that they possibly want to get rid of cash altogether within short. Not going to happen. When you are outside the bigger […]

Great Summary by ValueWalk: The Stripe Ecosystem In One Giant Visualization

Sometimes it is hard to get to a core of a phenomenon – and then it is good that someone spends some time thinking it through and putting it into simple terms. Now, ValueWalk has done just that with the Stripe-Phenomenon. I believe reading this is time well spent. You find the article here.