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Life-Savers for owners of a Volvo P1800ES and others with D-Jetronic

I wrote this article for Svenska P1800 Klubben some time back – it may help those of you who own such a beautiful old car and want to enjoy the ride.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one: It is not acceptable for me to give up and throw the awesome D-Jetronic […]

On my way to become an e-resident of Estonia. Why?

I have been a citizen of the Digital Planet for quite a while now – and now I applied to become a resident of the Digital Nation Estonia. Why? Most importantly, because this needs support. And then, because I believe this can be made good use of. Read some experience from one of the first […]

Whitepaper: How banks can boost their performance with AI

ICT Luxembourg has released a Whitepaper on AI in Banking, which is leading the way in my opinion – giving food for thought and also paints a picture that we probably all (can) share in one way or another. I strongly recommend the read. It has been a collaborative effort of many parties and surely […]

Cash or no cash? Sweden is facing some difficulties with this discussion. Or rather the facts.

For some time the Nordic countries, specifically Sweden, have been known for being the first who want to scrap cash altogether at some point in the not so distant future. Perhaps they have gone too far? At least that is what Bloomberg reports – because there seem to be increasing challenges connected with it. After […]

The Future of Payments: Which Game Changing Technologies Will Affect the Retail Industry

While our industry – like any other – is facing massive disruption (or re-invention rather in most cases), some changes could lead to a dramatic shift in how things are being done. From a Consumer perspective mostly. The Payments Journal has written a summary and analysis of what is coming up, or better may be […]