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Should Your Company Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Payments?

This is a valid question – and the buzz around it is huge. I found this article at Forbes.com to be an extremely good read.

ShareIQ was acquired by Cision – Congratulations to the team!

The unique Image Intelligence Company ShareIQ, which I supported from the very first days, has been acquired by Cision. With it, ShareIQ becomes part of a bigger eco-system and I must say: it is a fantastic fit. My thanks goes to Brian Killen and his tremendous team for all the effort they put into ShareIQ […]

Life-Savers for owners of a Volvo P1800ES and others with D-Jetronic

I wrote this article for Svenska P1800 Klubben some time back – it may help those of you who own such a beautiful old car and want to enjoy the ride.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one: It is not acceptable for me to give up and throw the awesome D-Jetronic […]

On my way to become an e-resident of Estonia. Why?

I have been a citizen of the Digital Planet for quite a while now – and now I applied to become a resident of the Digital Nation Estonia. Why? Most importantly, because this needs support. And then, because I believe this can be made good use of. Read some experience from one of the first […]

Whitepaper: How banks can boost their performance with AI

ICT Luxembourg has released a Whitepaper on AI in Banking, which is leading the way in my opinion – giving food for thought and also paints a picture that we probably all (can) share in one way or another. I strongly recommend the read. It has been a collaborative effort of many parties and surely […]