Do you speak Startup? This is the way to understand the special lingo.

techcrunchIts so true: in Startups as much as in any other industry or company there is a typical way to speak, best described as „startup-lingo“. Its all buzz words of course – but what do they mean? TechCrunch gives excellent guidance. I love the way they picked this up – read the full story here.

Study: Ukrainians adopt „Western Mentality“

A study conducted by the Ukrainian / Danish software firm Livatek suggests that there has been a shift in mentality in Ukraine over the recent years. In a digital „cultural survey“ the participants were asked to respond to typical „questions of scruples“ regarding their professional and personal life. The study first has been conducted four years ago, which makes it even more interesting: Not only has Ukraine gone through dramatic times, and still is, but also there have been some dramatic shifts in the mentality applied to work and life in general. While the results for participants from Northern Europe and North America have been in the same range for both studies.
The biggest finding is an interesting one: While in 2011 the mentality in the Ukraine was significantly different from the one in Northern Europe and North America, this difference is now gone for the most part. The Ukrainian mentality has adjusted to a more „western“ mindset. Fundamentally in 2011, there was no trust in the legal system. The individual and its direct friends were valued higher than the society. And there was a strong belief that your family background matters more than what you are doing – which direcly translates into who is supporting and protecting you is key to success. Now that has changed.
UA Survey

Source: Livatek

The study concludes that the Ukraine is now a less individualistic society with much greater trust in law enforcement and the legal system. Its much less important for Ukrainians now who looks after you – much more important now is the belief that you can matter for yourself in life and achieve something by your own.
What a shift!
This shift has happened in just four years – in which the Ukrainian society stood up against a kleptocratic tyrant and another one from its neighborhood, still facing the conflict.
It makes me optimistic for the future of the country because these values we now share are the foundation for economic success. And economic success is key for stability of the society.
The full study conducted by Livatek is available here.

Soros is pushing Ukraine towards a better future

Ukraine has been in the news for so long with mostly negative topics related to the Russian invasion in the eastern parts of the country and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian army before. These reports overshadowed the fact that the people of Ukraine decided to rid a corrupt and cleptocratic Regime, that was leading the country back to tyranny. The people of Ukraine chose freedom and and a free economy, and with it an open society following the western model. Its really been that – the choice between cleptocrates stealing the assets of the country or a free society. It had only little to do with any east / west conflict in my view, at least internally in Ukraine. The Ukrainians simply did not care for what Russia thought about their strive for freedom. Obviously, looking at the bigger picture, the Russian regime feared something like this could happen at home and they feared NATO coming closer and, probably most importantly, they feared losing influence. And everyone knows what happened next.

During these rough times, the young and educated in Ukraine did not stand still to move the country forward. I reported earlier about the efforts of the Brain Basket Foundation to educate more IT engineers and Software Developers, with the goal of strengthening this big and important industry. 

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Airy strikes prestigious German Innovation-Award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeyer proudly holding their award

Peer Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier proudly holding their award

Airy Green-Tech has received the prestigious „Invention Gründerpreis“ in Berlin yesterday for its groundbreaking innovative air-cleaning solution utilizing the power of nature: the Airy planting system. The award is initiated by the „Verband der jungen Unternehmer“ (Young Entrepreneurs) and the national Newspaper „Die Welt“.

What is Airy? Simply put, its a flower pot that ventilates the roots of your plants – and enables them to do magic. According to a NASA study about purifying air in outer space, the best way to remove pollutants and hazardous substances from your environmental air is by using the power of nature. And: other than one might expect, its not the leafs but the roots doing the job. Airy helps the plants to unleash their power by ventilating their roots.

Congratulations to Peer-Arne Böttcher and Helge Knickmeier for their success!

Science-Fiction in Low Tech: mit AIRY filtern Pflanzenwurzeln die Luft.

airyPflanzen reinigen die Luft, das ist bekannt. Die NASA hat in einer umfangreichen Studie nachgewiesen, dass diese Fähigkeit nicht wie bis dahin vermutet über die Blätter, sondern zu rund 90% über die Wurzeln vonstatten geht. Wird die Luft dann direkt an die Wurzeln gebracht, entwickeln einige Pflanzen gradezu erstaunliche Leistungen bei der Beseitigung von Schadstoffen. Sie sammeln diese nämlich nicht nur, sondern wandeln sie in Nährstoffe um. Hochgiftige Schadstoffe wie Benzol und Toluol, Formaldehyd und Trichlorethylen sind dann dauerhaft beseitigt.

Spannend ist dabei auch, dass Pflanzen die Luft nicht nur viel effektiver, sondern auch viel schneller reinigen als „technische Verfahren“ – und zwar ganz ohne Strom und allein durch die Kraft der Natur.

Kostenloses Buch: „Bogenhanf ist nichts zum Rauchen“

Das Hamburger Startup AIRY Green Tech hat vor diesem Hintergrund einen Pflanzentopf entwickelt, der das Wurzelwerk belüftet. Bevor dieser Topf zum Ende des Jahres erhältlich sein wird, gibt es von AIRY jetzt ein Buch, dass tolle Einblicke in diesen hoch innovativen Ansatz bringt: „Bogenhanf ist nichts zum rauchen“ bereitet viel wissenswertes rund um Pflanzen, Luft und Mensch anschaulich auf. In fünf Schritten und auf 102 Seiten widmet sich Autorin Karin Riesterer beispielsweise der Frage, was wir eigentlich einatmen und warum die Innenluft so eine überragende Rolle für das Wohlbefinden von uns Menschen spielt. Sie erläutert, warum die Lösung für unsere Probleme auf der Fensterbank wächst und stellt mit „Dr. med. Drachenbaum und Kollegen“ 18 Pflanzen im Portrait vor.

Das Buch „Bogenhanf ist nichts zum Rauchen“
ist kostenlos und zu finden im Forum von Airy.