Brexit – Pandora’s box must remain shut

This is a dark day for Europe, for the European countries and most of all for England. Populists have won a majority based on false information, straight lies and fear. 

There is a difference though to continental Europe. In the UK, many leaders tried to win votes for decades with a populistic bashing of the EU – while staying united with the rest of Europe. Now they get the return – the average Joe actually digested this steady criticism. How was Cameron, the EU critic, to explain to his countrymen why they should vote for remain? He fueled the populist movements with his own actions far too long and his own exit is only a locical step. No surprise.

Lets look east. For sure the champagne is flowing in the Kremlin now and Putin is having a blast. Too long did we allow his poisenous propaganda in Europe – and did not respond to the many Russian attempts to de-stabilize the European Unity. A strong Europe is a problem for Putin, as sanctions show. We know that many of the western populist, right wing movements have close ties with the Kremlin. And we know thats where they get money  from to spread their hatred.

I would very much like legislation across Europe that stops foreign „investment“ in European politics. There should be no possibility for the Kremlin to finance populist parties in the EU. RT should be banned from public broadcasting – its not news media but propaganda.

I believe in the European Union and in Europe and I hope and will support what is necessary to defend it.

The European integration process and the EU have given us the longest period of peace and prosperity in the younger history. No-one in the EU had to worry about war. But now we are under attack from many sides as well as facing additional challenges. Say Russia, Turkey, Syria, ISIS. Those are threats which we can handle peacefully on the foundation of our European core values when we stand united.

I hope we will, for the sake of our children.

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