Facebook Smart-Glasses? Mhhh…

Smartglasses: can a company that has little experience with sexy product design and consumer electronics, and that notoriously collects any user data that passes through it (there is a reason its CEO covers the camera of his laptop with a tape) disrupt the world with a new class of smart devices? They’ve got the cash but I guess they are lacking the Karma.

New Logo for my precious EICHE Bier!

After some thinking, we have decided to give EICHE a fresh but traditional look – for now. Oak trees (EICHE) produce fresh green every spring despite the fact that they can be centuries old. So we give EICHE the same degree of freshness!

Currently, Eiche is only made for a hand-selected Audience, unfortunately. But our „Förde IPA“ and our „Nordische Gischt“ beers make people smile and crave for more.

Should Your Company Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Payments?

Source: Forbes.com

This is a valid question – and the buzz around it is huge. I found this article at Forbes.com to be an extremely good read.

ShareIQ was acquired by Cision – Congratulations to the team!

The unique Image Intelligence Company ShareIQ, which I supported from the very first days, has been acquired by Cision. With it, ShareIQ becomes part of a bigger eco-system and I must say: it is a fantastic fit. My thanks goes to Brian Killen and his tremendous team for all the effort they put into ShareIQ – you made me a proud investor, Guys! And, needless to say, my congratulations go to them as well and to Cision for making a great decision.

Read more here.

On my way to become an e-resident of Estonia. Why?

eresidentcyI have been a citizen of the Digital Planet for quite a while now – and now I applied to become a resident of the Digital Nation Estonia. Why? Most importantly, because this needs support. And then, because I believe this can be made good use of.

Read some experience from one of the first e-residents of Estonia here. Maybe something to consider for you, too?