How Generation Z shapes the future of Payments

InComms VP of Digital Solutions, Mike Fletcher, has written a great piece for Paymentsource, analyzing how Generation Z – „the Millenials“ – are driving change for the payments industry.

Read the full article here.

The race between good and bad continues: ATM Fingerprint Skimmers for Sale

As banks increasingly turn to biometrics to secure ATM transactions, Kaspersky Lab is warning that crooks are already selling skimming devices that they claim can steal fingerprints. Unfortunately, nothing less was to be expected. And that even works without the use of severed body parts… Read the full report at FinExtra.

Blockchain – Problem or Solution?

I personally have ambivalent feelings when it comes to Blockchain technology and it´s use cases. There are many reasons to consider it a hype and to believe that it may be beneficial for some niche aspects but is not a solution for the global transaction backends. Also there are very valid questions around crypto currencies and their relevance.

One thing for sure is clear: Both started a discussion and that alone is good and healthy. But the hype turns me off, really.

Now there was a good read in American Banker with the head-line „Does Blockchain Tech Solve Security Problems Or Cause New Ones?“. The article is worth reading. Nailed it.

MIT released all its training courses for everyone for free. Amen.

MITlogoThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, just released ALL of its training classes for the general public and for free. Thats a brilliant move – thank you MIT! Also it will be a tool to make knowledge more democratic. Anywhere, no matter what the budget is. Thumbs up from me for that. This cannot be valued enough.

You can access the training courses here. Get going. :-)

Citi Report: Bitcoin does not hurt. But does it help?

The third report about the impacts of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies by Citi Bank suggests that those pose little threat to the established structures. However, it could make certain services more effective – the authors believe. For those, the block-chain architecture could be a possibility to increase efficiency in their international payments networks. I personally doubt that and would not read this report as positive, from the crypto fractions POV.

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