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„Marktplätze“ bleibt beste IT / Digital- Neuerscheinung 2015 bei Springer

marktplätzeEs ist ganz einfach geschrieben – das Handbuch „Marktplätze im Umbruch„, mit dem der Springer-Verlag ein Megathema in Angriff nimmt. Das Werk beschreibt 12 Treiber der digitalen Transformation, also die Digitalisierung vieler Wirtschaftsbereiche wie Automobil, Logistik, Fertigung, Verlagswesen und Finanzen.

Die 12 Aspekte der Digitalisierung werden jeweils von einem Themenpaten eingeführt, der Experte in seiner Branche ist und diesen Aspekt in der Praxis schon beispielhaft gemeistert hat.

Der Erfolg des 759 Seiten umfassenden Werkes, in dem auch ein Autoren-Beitrag von mir enthalten ist, ist immens. Hermann Engesser, Cheflektor des Springer-Verlags dazu:

„Das Buch Marktplätze im Umbruch hat sich vom Start weg zu einem Standardwerk entwickelt. Mit über 220.000 Downloads trifft es auf eine große Nachfrage und ist selbst ein Beispiel für die Kraft digitalisierter Marktplätze.

Um die Komplexität der Entwicklungen in den unterschiedlichen Branchen verständlich zu machen hatten die Herausgeber eine Idee, die sich als durchschlagend erwies: Das Thema wird in zwölf Themenblöcke unterteilt. Das erleichtert die Zuordnung unterschiedlicher Trends und bringt Transparenz in die

Marktveränderungen unterschiedlicher Branchen. Damit ist es ein hervorragender Themenscout in der sich schnell verändernden Welt der rasch fortschreitenden Digitalisierung der Märkte.“

Kaufen kann man das Buch hier.

Soros is pushing Ukraine towards a better future

Ukraine has been in the news for so long with mostly negative topics related to the Russian invasion in the eastern parts of the country and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian army before. These reports overshadowed the fact that the people of Ukraine decided to rid a corrupt and cleptocratic Regime, that was leading the country back to tyranny. The people of Ukraine chose freedom and and a free economy, and with it an open society following the western model. Its really been that – the choice between cleptocrates stealing the assets of the country or a free society. It had only little to do with any east / west conflict in my view, at least internally in Ukraine. The Ukrainians simply did not care for what Russia thought about their strive for freedom. Obviously, looking at the bigger picture, the Russian regime feared something like this could happen at home and they feared NATO coming closer and, probably most importantly, they feared losing influence. And everyone knows what happened next.

During these rough times, the young and educated in Ukraine did not stand still to move the country forward. I reported earlier about the efforts of the Brain Basket Foundation to educate more IT engineers and Software Developers, with the goal of strengthening this big and important industry. 

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Amazing: the 2015 Submarine Cable Map

Our global communication – and our digital industries – heavily rely on Satellites and on submarine cables. But where are those arteries of communication to be found? The 2015 Submarine Cable Map of Tele Geography is simply amazing. Not only because of its content, also because its quite simply a masterpiece of art.

2015 Submarine Cable Map, ©TeleGeography

How IT could change (and save?) Ukraine

Kyiv – Maidan Square. Source:

In my last assignment, I was fortunate enough to get to know Ukraine and its people. Its been an interesting time – when I was there first, their cleptocratic „President“ Yanukovych was in power and you could sense in the capital Kyiv that people were unhappy with the way things went. Corruption was everywhere in the public life. Billions simply disappeared in construction for the EU soccer championship and other projects – very much in the public eye. The Elite secured the access to the money, which was something the people of Ukraine hoped to have overcome with the Orange Revolution in 2004. Plus they opted for democracy and freedom and a western lifestyle back then – things which the regime was step by step taking away from them again under Yanukovych. My understanding is, having been there and then, that this were the reasons why the people of Ukraine removed Mr. Yanukovych from power.

My contact to the Ukraine was through Software Development – and I learned that it is a very strong market for near-shoring and outsourced M&A. Software Developers enjoy a very high reputation in the society and a much higher salary than the monthly average of  EUR 417. They are the hope of many as they are well educated, well paid and want an open society and peace – and if only because that is what secures their jobs. These people have and had no interest in going back in time – they stand for the principles of the Orange Revolution today. They are peaceful, dedicated and hard-working for their future.

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